White Belt Courses & Programs

Become a Digital Marketer Program

Master the art of motion graphics and visual effects to take your videos to new heights and captivate your audience’s attention.

Digital Marketing: The Fundamentals

Gain insights into fundamental digital marketing strategy and execution by enrolling in this course. The course emphasizes methods that prioritize the consumer-centric approaches to marketing.

Logo Design: The Fundamentals

Discover more about the art of crafting amazing logos from the ground up through this well-structured fundamentals course in design.

Adobe Illustrator: The Fundamentals

Find out the key foundations and methodologies needed to create designs in Adobe Illustrator. This course, led by a globally recognized expert, empowers you to progress from a novice to an Illustrator pro.

Adobe InDesign: The Fundamentals

This comprehensive foundational course equips learners of all experience levels with the knowledge necessary to create exceptional designs in Adobe InDesign. 

Adobe Photoshop: The Fundamentals

Transform yourself from a beginner to a pro with this comprehensive Photoshop Fundamentals course, designed to equip you with everything essential to edit images like an expert.

Adobe Premiere Pro: The Fundamentals

Gain expertise in video editing through a comprehensive Adobe Premiere Pro Fundamentals course, designed to lead you from a beginner to an advanced level.

UX/UI Design Essentials of Adobe XD

Acquire UX and UI design while becoming proficient in the potent capabilities of Adobe XD through this comprehensive course suitable for all expertise levels.

Data Science: The Fundamentals

Acquire a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of data science and how these principles are put into practice across various domains.

Adobe After Effects: The Fundamentals

Master the art of motion graphics and visual effects to take your videos to new heights and captivate your audience’s attention.

Google Analytics: The Fundamentals

Master the basics of Google Analytics under the guidance of a globally recognized expert.

Email Marketing Using Mailchimp: The Fundamentals

Acquire the skills to craft a polished onboarding and welcome email campaign using Mailchimp.

Green Belt Courses & Programs

Google Analytics: Advanced Course

Elevate your foundational Google Analytics expertise with this potent Advanced course, unlocking a higher level of proficiency.

Logo & Brand Identity For Designers

Learn the art of ideating, crafting, and presenting a potent brand, maximizing the possibilities it holds.

Social Media Content Strategy

Acquire the skills to craft and execute an effective social media content strategy designed for achieving notable outcomes.

Social Media Marketing: Organic & Ads

Acquire the expertise to create and execute both natural and sponsored campaigns that will position you before the appropriate audiences, propelling your brand to the forefront.

Social Media: Build Engagement Across Top Platforms

Acquire the skills to excel on major social media platforms, enabling you to expand your brand’s reach and capitalize on your online social influence.

Build A Responsive Website Using HTML5 & CSS3

Acquire foundational concepts of HTML and CSS through this course in responsive web development. This comprehensive program covers the essentials required to construct a polished and professional website.

Black Belt Courses & Programs

Adobe InDesign: Mastery course

Attain expertise in Adobe InDesign by enrolling in this    all-encompassing mastery program, guided by an internationally acclaimed Adobe Certified instructor.

Adobe Illustrator: Mastery course

Elevate your proficiency in Adobe Illustrator through this advanced course tailored to significantly augment your current abilities.

Adobe Photoshop: Mastery course

Immerse yourself in this comprehensive course to unlock the intricacies of advanced Adobe Photoshop features, leading you to mastery in no time.

Master Frequency Separation in Photoshop

Discover the art of producing exquisitely enhanced images in Adobe Photoshop through the application of frequency separation techniques.

Storytelling Program

Acquire the ability to craft gripping tales from data-driven content, guaranteeing that your writing leaves a memorable impact.

Google Analytics: Mastery course

Elevate your proficiency in advanced Google Analytics and transform into a skilled analyst through comprehensive mastery training that delves deep into the subject matter.

Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Discover the strategies for initiating, expanding, overseeing, and generating revenue from your Facebook group.

Become An Adobe Creative Cloud Expert: Ps, Id, Ae, Pr, Lr, Xd

Encompassing photo and video editing, graphic design, visual effects, and UX design, this program guarantees to transform you into a proficient expert spanning diverse creative domains.